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No More Secrets

No More Secrets

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Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, “Information is the currency of democracy.”  I am quite certain that he meant it to be taken metaphorically, but judging by the plethora of information products for sale on the Internet it appears that many today are taking him literally.

I regularly receive questions about information products. People want to know if I have read a particular e-Book and whether I consider the author’s discoveries valid. They also want to know if the item is worth its $19.95, $29.95, or $39.95 price tag.

The health books I have been asked to review follow a pattern. It is as though someone has created a template and is selling it to people who are looking for a way to achieve financial success. Before you reach for your credit card or Pay Pal account number consider whether the book being offered fits the mold. If it does, you can be assured that you are not passing up the elusive answer to your personal health challenge.

If you search I suspect you will find someone who is selling a software program called "Health eBook 4.0." The instructions for its use will probably be along the lines of those that follow.

  • Step 1:  Select from one of the following title options.
    • The Secret Cure for (fill in the name of your condition).
    • What Your Doctor doesn’t Want You to Know about (fill in the name of your condition).
    • (Name a country)’s Amazing (fill in the name of your condition) Clinics.
    • The (fill in the name of your condition) Miracle Breakthrough!

  • Step 2:  Write your eBook.  Actually, the chapters have been pre-written except for a few minor details.  There are certain basics that improve all health conditions including drinking water, eating more fruits and vegetables, limiting sugar intake, increasing physical activity, avoiding toxic substances, and taking a few basic nutritional supplements.  Simply fill in the name of your condition where indicated.  If you run across an emerging technology related to the condition you can include it in the optional “Incredible Discovery” chapter we’ve provided.

  • Step 3:  Write your sales letter using the template.  You’ll be impressed by how long it is and how striking the colored headlines appear against the white background.  We’ve made liberal use of yellow highlighting and included five testimonials.  Just change the names and fill in the name of your condition where indicated.  Be sure to note the money back guarantee.  We’ve created an official certificate with a satisfaction guaranteed seal for this purpose.  A few people will request a refund, but this will usually be less than 1 percent of those who purchase.  Remember, you’re offering sound advice that will improve nearly any health challenge if followed consistently.  Some people will feel better and those who don’t will either feel it’s because they didn’t follow the program to the letter or will forget to ask for a refund.

  • Step 4:  Promote your book using e-mail, or online advertising vehicles.

The truth is that there are no secret cures. As one individual stated in his e-mail, “If you believe the secret cure will work I’ll gladly pay the $39.95 and then make the information available to others for free.”

The next time you receive a message promoting the secret cure for your disease feel free to hit “delete”. You won’t be disappointed.


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