"Disease doesn't just happen.  In Building Health by Design I reveal the secrets to optimizing your health and maximizing your life".  Dale Peterson, M.D.



In Building Health by Design you will learn:

       Why attempts to prevent or cure disease by attacking the body in various ways are doomed to fail

       The path to true Health Care Reform

       How to dramatically lower your risk of having a heart attack, experiencing cancer, or developing arthritis, diabetes, and other debilitating diseases


            Modern scientific medicine is based upon the theory of evolution.  Since the human body evolved by chance it is full of errors.  According to this model, when disease occurs the body is the enemy and must be beaten into submission with chemicals, surgery, or radiation.  The Bible teaches that the human body was designed by a benevolent creator.  Intelligent design accepts that the body contains incredible healing mechanisms that can perform miracles when properly supported.  This model suggests that when disease occurs the body our the greatest ally, deserving of our support. 

Chapter 1:  The Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

            The first stage of knowledge is the awareness that I donít know what I donít know.  Growth occurs when new concepts are approached with an open mind and evaluated on their merits, not on prejudice.  We are called to be open minded and narrow minded Ė open to look at new ideas while sifting them through the narrow boundaries of absolute truth.

Chapter 2:  Crisis Management:  Why I Do What I Do

        A Personal Health Crisis:  There is nothing like a personal health challenge to get one to search for new answers.

        A Personal Spiritual Crisis:  Faith matters in the real world.

        Crisis in Medicine:  The erosion of the physician/patient relationship has done irreparable harm to medicine in the United States. 

Chapter 3:  Effective Health Care Reform

Learn how to take personal responsibility for the maintenance and repair of your own body.  How to transition from a disease care mentality to a wellness outlook.  How to recognize the difference between true disease prevention and early disease detection.

Chapter 4:  A Philosophy of Wellness   

The Health Continuum:  The state of oneís health is never stagnant.  You are either moving toward improved wellness or sliding toward sickness moment by moment and day by day. 


In Building Health by Design You will also Learn Secrets to Adding Life to Your Years and Years to Your Life!

       How to Treat Your Body Like the Palace It Should Be

       The four biochemical causes of disease and premature aging and how to address them

       The hidden dangers of radio waves and microwaves and how to protect yourself from them


Chapter 5:  Treat You Body like a Palace, Not like a Garbage Dump

        The importance of breathing clean air

        Why you must avoid carbonated beverages

        The amazing nature of pure energized water

        The seven secrets to a wellness diet

        How to be physically active no matter what your current condition might be

 Chapter 6:  Hire bodyguards to protect your cells from the bullies

            Free radical damage is one of the known biochemical causes of disease and premature aging.  An understanding of free radicals and the bodyís antioxidant defense mechanisms is needed to address this challenge.

Chapter 7:  Calm Down Mr. Itis

            Chronic inflammation is the second biochemical cause of disease and aging.  The causes of chronic inflammation and strategies for addressing them are discussed. 

Chapter 8:  Support Your Internal Handyman         

            The human body is based on the element carbon.  The simplest carbon molecule, called a methyl group, is used to manufacture useful compounds and for repair tasks throughout the body.  When the body does not have enough methyl groups and the nutrients required to use them a chemical called homocysteine accumulates.  Learn why you must know your homocysteine level, and how you can bring it to a safe level! 

Chapter 9:  Put the Pedal to the Metal

            The cells of the body contain energy factories called mitochondria.  Mitochondrial decline is another biochemical cause of premature aging and disease development.  Discover how to keep your mitochondria running strong as you grow older, and thus avoid age-related loss of energy and stamina.  Unearth the secrets to performing at a higher level whether you are a highly-conditioned athlete or so out-of-shape that you get short of breath walking across a room.       

Chapter 10:  What You Canít See Can Kill You

        Rising Disease Incidence:  Learn why the incidence of cancer and diseases of the nervous system have been rising dramatically over the past two decades.

        The Human Body and the Electromagnetic Spectrum:  The human body operates in the mid range of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Discover why exposures to radiation on either side of the spectrum are hazardous to health.

        Can a Honey Bee be a Canary?  Can the strange disappearances of honey bee colonies be a harbinger of the demise of the human race?

        What Does RF/MW Research Show?  While industry-funded research shows that exposure to RF/MW radiation is safe, independent studies paint a far different picture.

        Does RF/MW Radiation Pose a Risk to Human Health?

        Sources of RF/MW Radiation:  Why the only place free of RF/MW radiation today is the back side of the moon.

        RF/MW Radiation and the Human Nervous System:  Diseases of the nervous system are on the rise Ė largely due to exposure to RF/MW radiation.

        RF Syndrome:  Are you suffering from a new syndrome that is believed to be affecting at least a third of the population of the earth.

        Protective Devices:  Understand how manufacturers can produce appliances that provide protection from damaging electromagnetic frequencies. 


In Building Health by Design You will Discover

       The importance of running a system check on your bodyís central computer

       How to manage stress effectively

       The amazing benefits of renewing your mind

       How to become a spiritual warrior


Chapter 11:  Run a System Check

            Most of what is going on inside the human body is computerized.   Just as man-made computers can fall victim to corrupted files, so the bodyís central computer can be compromised by program glitches.  Fortunately, the human computer can be restored to its normal operating parameters.

Chapter 12:  Deal with Stress like a Duck Deals with Water

            When it comes to health challenges, stress causes nothing, but aggravates everything.  Effective stress management techniques must be implemented to maintain good health.  

Chapter 13:  Renew Your Mind

            The greatest challenges to health often arise not out of circumstances, but from the interpretation placed upon those circumstances. 

Chapter 14:  Become a Spiritual Warrior

            The role of spirit beings in human illness is real, and must be addressed when present. 


After Reading Building Health by Design You will be Equipped to:

       Control the factors that determine your level of wellness

       Institute and follow a sound wellness regimen

       Take action!


Chapter 15:  Factors You Control that Determine Your Level of Wellness

            Discover how to optimize the quality of the air you breathe, what you put into your body, what you put onto your body, the electromagnetic fields your body has access to,  the activities you pursue, the quality of rest you receive, what you put into your mind, and how you nourish your spirit              

Chapter 16:  A Basic Wellness Regimen

            Learn how to continually improve your health by concentrating on the basics of wellness. 

Epilogue:  The Importance of Taking Action

            Knowledge without implementation will not bring about desired results.


"I routinely see what I would have considered miracles in my former way of approaching illness. They are miracles - not of a suspension of the laws of nature, but of the incredible healing mechanisms that are part of the bodyís design."  Dale Peterson, M.D.