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Why Health By Design?

Why Health By Design?

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It is my belief that the intricate complexity of the human body could not possibly have evolved by chance.  The study of the human body is a study not of random evolution, but of careful and wonderful design.  Dr. Frederick M. Rossiter, in his classic work, The Practical Guide to Health, wrote that just as a diamond and graphite are both made of carbon, but are infinitely different in nature, so the human body is infinitely different from that of lower animals.  Dr. Rossiter stated the difference in this way:

“The body, though made from materials common to all animals, is more than an organism:  it was designed to be the temple of the living God . . . There is  nothing more beautiful in all the creation than a healthy and symmetrically developed human body, with a well-balanced intellect expressing itself through every feature.  In the beginning, man, crowned with glory and honor, was made upright, able to talk face to face with his Maker.  Possessing a conscience and high moral and reasoning powers, and having a countenance into which flash mastering mental impressions, man towers above all other creatures.  The human smile can not be imitated or duplicated.  The human hand, with its flexibility, adaptability, gracefulness, compactness, strength, and dexterity, I marvelous beyond compare.  The human foot in itself is a masterpiece of creation.  That a body possessed of such rare  beauty and power and design should have evolved to its present state through an infinite period of time from lower organisms, is not only a colossal deception, but an idea belittling to  the Creator.”

If, and I believe it to be true, the body was designed, it follows that the body was designed to function within certain parameters.  It was designed to utilize specific nutrients, to carry oxygen to its tissues in a specific way, and to respond to the environment into which it was placed. 


The question then becomes, “What are those parameters within which the body was designed to function?” for when these are identified and restored, the intrinsic healing mechanisms within the body are capable of functioning at maximum efficiency.  This results in optimum health and healing.


The medical model in which I was trained and which I followed for many years is based upon a uniformitarian and evolutionary world view.  This means that diseases are not seen as the result of nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, or changes in the environment in which we live.  Disease is due to a failure of the body to adapt to changes in lifestyle. 


For example, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is seen as the consequence of mankind leaving the hunter-gatherer stage too recently to evolve a mechanism to cope with a more sedentary life in an informational age.  It is not viewed as a consequence of inadequate levels of essential nutrients that have resulted from changes in the levels of those nutrients in the foods we eat, nor is it accepted as a consequence of artificial changes in the food supply such as the production of hydrogenated fats and oils and the bleaching of grains.


It is my intent in publishing this newsletter to teach its readers how the body is designed and to explore the parameters within which it is designed to function.  It is my hope that as individuals begin to approach illness and wellness from the perspective of design, optimum health will result.

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