The Swine Flu that Isn't

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The Swine Flu that Isn't

May 1st 2009 -
The World Organization for Animal Health states that the current H1N1 influenza virus that is being referred to as the Mexican Swine Flu has never been isolated from pigs. That is hardly surprising, as the initial cases were reported from a Mexican State in which pigs are rare.

Influenza does appear in swine and in birds (remember the bird flu scare of 2005?). When it does, workers in close proximity to the animals can occasionally become infected. The virus must mutate to spread from person-to-person, however, something that occurs late in the progression of an animal to human viral transformation.

The current “swine flu” virus is actually a human H1N1 virus to which genes from a North American bird virus, a European pig virus, and an Asian pig virus have been attached. I cannot believe that the current virus emerged through spontaneous mutation.

I also find it interesting that manufacturers of products that stop viruses from injecting their genetic material into living cells so that they can use the cells manufacturing to produce additional viruses are no longer allowed to explain the mechanism of action or let people know how effective they are against influenza. (Controlled studies have shown that regardless of the type of influenza 90 % of those using a viral blocking product are well within 48 hours, while those not using the product are sick for at least 6 days. Those results are far better than those achieved with anti-viral drugs.)

Despite the hype surrounding the new viral strain, there is no need to panic. Many safe, inexpensive, and effective measures are available to limit the severity and duration of the illness.

It is important that steps be taken immediately to ensure that your immune system is able to function well. These include drinking enough pure water to keep your urine pale, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in refined sugars and flours, getting regular rest, and avoid exposure to toxic food additives and household cleaners.

Options for management of influenza include:

Immune Supports: Two of my favorites are beta glucan (sold as Beta Immune Activator by Vitality/MVP – 800-423-8365) or and Immunazyme also manufactured by Vitality. One or two Beta Immune Activator capsules daily may be taken to keep macrophages, a key component of your immune system, on red alert. At the onset of symptoms of infection take Immunazyme 2 capsules every 2 -3 hours until symptoms ease, then continue 2 capsules twice daily for an additional 7 – 10 days.

Virus Blockers: Sambucol Original or Immunity Take Care These brand names are important, as they are the only two that I trust have the correct concentration of specific extracted nutrients. 1 serving daily for prevention. If an infection occurs take 1 serving every 3 hours until symptoms ease. There is little advantage to continuing the intense regimen longer than 48 hours. Virus blockers may be available in local health food stores. They are also available from several Internet sites.

Essential oils: Many essential oils kill viruses on contact. Three of the best are Clove, Cinnamon leaf, and Thyme. The vapor is breathed through the nose and mouth. This may be accomplished by adding 3 or 4 drops of each to water and bringing the water temperature to the steaming point. The most efficient way to use the essential oils is with a facial sauna unit. Conair offers a unit that has a sinus attachment that sells for less than $30.00. Inhaling the vapors for 2 minutes as little as once a week is believe to be sufficient, but I would recommend doing so daily if flu cases are emerging in your community. It is important to add one of the other measures if an infection occurs. Essential oils are carried in many health food stores. They are also available online and through Young Living distributors.

Angstrom (nano) minerals: For many years I have successfully treated viral infections with a combination of calcium, silver, zinc, and copper angstrom minerals. Two ounces of calcium is taken followed five minutes later by one ounce each of silver, zinc, and copper. A silver, zinc, and copper combination is available as Cilzinco. Three ounces of Cilzinco are taken five minutes after two ounces of calcium. Since the outbreak of the new H1N1 virus I have seen many advertisements recommending nano silver for management of influenza. I would not personally trust silver alone to adequately deal with an infection. Angstrom minerals are available from Essential Water and Air –

It is not necessary to use all of the products mentioned. Pick out two or three that make sense to you. It is important to order them as soon as possible. If a pandemic occurs supplies may be exhausted. If a pandemic fails to materialize the products may be used for the management of other viral illnesses.

Dale Peterson, M.D.