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The World’s Largest Experiment – Part 4: Protective Devices

The World’s Largest Experiment – Part 4: Protective Devices

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Having devoted the last three issues of Health By Design to the dangers of radiofrequency/microwave radiation (RF/MW), I feel compelled to begin this final installment with a confession.  Despite what I feel to be clear and indisputable evidence that RF/MW exposure has a profound adverse effect upon human health, I am hopelessly addicted to RF/MW conveniences.  True, Rosalie and I have not owned a microwave oven for many years, but we are not technophobes. 

I am not willing to give up my computer and its word processing capabilities for a manual Smith-Corona typewriter.  I value the freedom of movement that is provided by portable and cellular phone technology.  I still remember the confinement imposed by being “on call” for my medical practice prior to the advent of cellular technology.  The importance of attending any function or leaving my home for any other reason was always weighed against the anxiety that resulted from being “paged” (by radio frequency) and needing to quickly find a public telephone. 

I have a wireless computer network in my home, I have a “Pike Pass” in my car that allows me to bypass toll booths on Oklahoma’s turnpikes, & I occasionally watch television or listen to FM radio stations.  I use remote control devices to change television channels and to unlock my car.  A wireless doorbell alerts me to the arrival of visitors.

No, I am not willing to give up the convenience provided by RF/MW technologies.  Even if I were, it would be an exercise in futility.  It is impossible to escape RF/MW radiation today.  If I did not own a computer I would still be exposed to wireless networks as I enter stores, restaurants, and hotels.  If I threw away my cell phone I would still be bombarded by the microwaves seeking the hundreds of thousands of other cell phones in use.  If I were to rid my home of radios and had no television I would continue to be hit by television and FM waves beamed from broadcast antennas or satellites. 

You and I cannot flee from RF/MW radiation.  The earth is blanketed by it.  I recently traveled to remote areas of the Rocky Mountains and never lost the signal from XM Satellite Radio.  The nearest location to be relatively free of RF/MW is said to be the back side of the moon, which I understand is quite inhospitable.  That being the case, what are we to do?

I predict that if humankind survives, historians will not condemn our generation for pursuing and utilizing RF/MW technology, but rather for discouraging research into the effects associated with its use.  They will be disheartened that the findings of studies demonstrating potential dangers to human health were suppressed.  They will not condemn the research that led to the development of RF/MW devices, but they will disparage the time when RF/MW sensitive individuals were dismissed as hysterical or said to be imagining their symptoms. 

I do not believe that history will look kindly upon those who disparaged researchers seeking effective ways of protecting the human body from RF/MW radiation, calling them pseudoscientists, quacks, charlatans, or frauds.  I am quite certain that future generations will marvel that RF/MW protection was labeled a scam by those who refused to acknowledge the dangers inherent in low-frequency radiation.  They will be astounded that people were warned against wasting money on devices designed to provide protection from RF/MW exposure. 

The first energetic protection devices that came to my attention were those developed by a German inventor named Manfred Bauer.  Mr. Bauer had become interested in energetic devices after he developed cancer.  When his physicians could not tell him why the cancer had occurred he began asking others.  An elderly natural healer told him that it was because he was sleeping in an area of low electromagnetic energy.  He investigated and found that his bed was, indeed, located in an area of low energy.  Other cancer patients he met while receiving radiation treatments asked him to check their homes and he found that every one of them had been sleeping in a low energy zone. 

Manfred Bauer was not the first to discover this phenomenon.  In 1929 a German scientist, Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, mapped the course of underground streams beneath Vilsbiburg, Germany.  (Moving water disrupts the energy field generated by the earth’s magnetic core.)  He then compared the registry of individuals who had died from cancer with his map.  He found that all 48 people who had died of cancer in Vilsbiburg had been sleeping directly above one of the underground streams.
In 1976 an Austrian teacher, Kathe Bachler, published her findings regarding electromagnetic energy levels and school performance.  She reported that 95 % of “problem children” slept in beds or sat in desks located in a danger zone.  She subsequently examined 500 cancer deaths and discovered that in every instance the individual had been sleeping in an area of low energy. 

Conversely, in 1985 Dr. Veronika Carstens published her findings of 700 terminal cancer patients around the world who had recovered simply by moving their bed from a low energy zone.  All of these individuals had been given up as untreatable by their physicians. 

After learning of the link between underground streams and cancer development Manfred Bauer moved his bed.  He continued conventional therapy and successfully recovered from his cancer.  Having done so, he set about to find a way to improve energy levels in the environment.  He observed that rain water is naturally high in energy.  (This explains why a lawn, that is barely surviving with water from a sprinkling system will immediately turn a deeper green and begin to grow more quickly following a thunderstorm.) 

Manfred learned that it was the rising and falling and warming and cooling of the water droplets in clouds that generated the energy.  His greatest challenge was finding a way to stabilize the captured energy and prevent it from dissipating.  Having successfully devised a means of taking water to a stable higher energy level he began manufacturing devices that could transmit that energy to the surrounding space and to other objects.  He developed appliances that were capable of increasing the level of energy over a variety of distances.  Some devices would enhance the energy level within a two foot radius, while others could increase the energy level within a fifty foot radius.

Mr. Bauer’s devices were effective – I still have one in my home – but there were challenges associated with their use.  One was that, while the energized water was sealed within plastic containers, the water would often slowly evaporate.  Another was that if one of the devices was exposed to x-ray, as might occur during shipping or in an airport, its energy would be loss.  The same would happen if it was exposed to microwaves.  If one of the appliances was inadvertently placed near a cellular telephone or a microwave oven, its effectiveness would be lost.

Soon after Manfred Bauer’s water-based devices were introduced other RF/MW protection began to appear.   I have evaluated most of these, and have my personal favorites.  I will explain why this is so.  Bear in mind, however, that RF/MW protection is evolving.  None of the available appliances have been submitted to the level of scrutiny demanded by their skeptics, but that does not mean that they are not based upon sound scientific principles.  While none of them have been in use for the number of decades necessary to prove their long-term effectiveness, immediate improvements in muscle strength during exposures to microwaves or electromagnetic fields can be demonstrated.   

I do not pretend to understand the intricate details on how the devices are constructed or how they function.  I have a basic understanding of the theories upon which they are based, but I am not an expert in quantum physics, spin theory, string theory, and zero point energy.  I know that the science of nanotechnology exists, but I know very little about its substance.

Bear with me, and don’t panic if you feel a bit lost during the next two paragraphs.  I will come back to practicality immediately.
Simply stated, quantum physics deals with sub-atomic particles and their energies.  Spin theory states that electron spin speed and direction is critical to maintaining stability of matter in our universe.  String theory is an attempt to unify basic laws that govern the physical universe, including the law of gravity and the laws of electricity and magnetism.  String theory states that all matter is made up of vibrating strings, and that the state of matter is determined to a large extent by the intrinsic vibrational frequencies of an object and how those vibrations respond to external forces.  Zero point energy refers to the lowest energy state of any substance.  Nanotechnologies deal with applications on the atomic level.  One nanometer is one-billionth of a meter.  The distance between atoms in a molecule, for example, is measured in nanometers.  Nanoenergies are similarly small.  For example, a tesla is the scientific unit used to measure the strength of a magnetic field.  One nanotesla is one-billionth of a tesla.

What that means, in practical terms, is that the human body, like all material objects, has basic vibrational frequencies.  When those vibrational frequencies are disrupted by external forces, including RF/MW radiation, disease is likely to develop.  Devices that act to shield those vibrations from external forces should be capable of preventing the development of disease.

The most widely recognized RF/MW protective device is the Q –Link.  It’s popularity is due in large part to the promotional efforts of popular speakers and celebrities such as Tony Robbins.  The Q-Link is composed of a resonating cell and an amplifying coil.  The resonating cell contains crystalline elements that pick up the subtle vibrations of the human body, which are then amplified by the coil to provide a cocoon of protection from external energy sources.

The Q-Link does provide a level of protection from external radiation.  The reason I have not chosen to personally use a Q-Link and why I do not recommend it as the best device for this purpose is that it selectively tunes to the energies of the person who is wearing it.  The Q-Link manufacturer specifically advises against sharing a Q-Link with anyone but the original wearer because it becomes tuned to that individual’s specific frequencies.

While many view the “personalization” feature of the Q-Link as an advantage, I do not.  When the human body becomes diseased, its vibratory pattern changes.  Homeopathy is a system of medicine that uses the intrinsic vibratory frequencies of substances to correct abnormal vibratory patterns in disease and restore health.  This being the case, if an individual is in perfect health when he or she begins wearing a Q-Link it should work beautifully to maintain health.  On the other hand, if a disease state is developing it would appear that a Q-Link would tune to that vibration and tend to maintain the disease state, rather than promote a return to a normal state of health.

My reasoning is based upon experience with foot problems.  For a number of years I referred individuals who presented with plantar faschiitis or similar foot disorders to a podiatrist who would take imprints of the person’s feet and provide a custom-made orthotic (support).  Then I ran across a study that showed that people who bought standard over-the-counter orthotics fared better than those who obtained the personalized supports.  At first I was puzzled, because the findings ran counter to what I would have predicted.  Upon reflection, however, the findings made perfect sense.  The standard orthotics were encouraging an abnormal foot to mold to the shape of a healthy foot while the custom-made devices were simply maintaining the abnormal shape and attempting to prevent further deterioration.

Another popular device is the bioelectric shield.  The bioelectric shield, like the Q-Link, makes use of natural crystalline elements, which are encased in a sterling silver case.  Like the Q-Link, the bioelectric shield conforms to an individual’s body frequencies.  The manufacture advises against letting anyone but the original wearer use the device, stating that the appliance may make another person feel uncomfortable if the individual frequencies are different. 

The bioshield is said to have been charged in a special room during the manufacturing process.  The wearer is advised to recharge the device by hanging it in daylight for at least six hours each month and to avoid exposure to moonlight, which is said to drain the bioshield’s protective energy.  While I have seen no data suggesting that the bioshield is adversely affected by exposure to different types of radiation, its tendency to recharge or discharge depending upon the type of light exposure makes me wary of its long-range ability to maintain an optimum energetic field. 

My personal preference is to use devices that, like the standard orthotics, are manufactured to shield the body from chaotic vibratory frequencies or, when possible, augment and amplify frequencies known to be consistent with optimum physical health. 

This is possible because of the pioneering work of Nobel Prize winning physicist William Bragg.  Bragg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1915 for his development of a formula that describes the effect of crystal spacing on electromagnetic energy frequencies.  By using what is now known as Bragg’s law, manufacturers can effectively produce devices that affect energies reaching the body down to the nanotestla range.  These devices are manufactured by creating a silicon matrix that selectively amplifies the frequencies of the earth’s electromagnetic field that are conducive to human health while either blocking or redirecting chaotic energies that disrupt the normal function of the body.  Silicon matrix appliances are not affected by the body’s intrinsic vibratory pattern, but rather encourage the pattern to return to that known to be consistent with optimum health.  Unlike the water-based appliances, they are not damaged by exposure to x-rays or microwaves and, since they are solid glass, there is no risk of failure due to evaporation.   

I have used and recommended matrix appliances for many years.  A basic device is an E-Stone or E-Necklace, which effectively shields the body from external energy sources.  It creates a cocoon of protection approximately 3 feet in diameter.  Therefore carrying the device in a shirt pocket or wearing it as a necklace provides the greatest total body protection.  Carrying the appliance in a pants pocket will provide protection, but the brain may not be fully protected because the head will be located at or beyond the perimeter of the circle of protection.  The appliance is still manufactured, but I no longer recommend it because it carries a higher price tag than many of the more technically advanced devices.

Another silicone matrix appliance is an E-Tag.  The E-tag is a trapezoidal-shaped appliance that is highly polar (has the ability to align the cells of the body).  Because of the polar nature of the field created by the device, it must be worn as a necklace during the day and placed in the same orientation on a nightstand next to the bed at night.  Since the cells of the body are oriented magnetically with each other (hence the ability to perform MRI tests –magnetic resonance images – of the body), maintaining proper alignment is felt to be one of the keys to long-term health.

Another appliance is the QE Pendant, which is a triangular shaped device designed to be worn as a necklace.  Like an E-Necklace, the QE Pendant redirects chaotic energies away from the body.  In addition, however, it is able to access and amplify approximately 15 % of health-supporting energies in the nanotesla range.  This is believed to improve the body’s ability to perform effectively.  Since the QE Pendant is non-polar, it can be carried in a pocket or worn as a necklace.

The most complete level of protection currently available is the Q2 Pendant.  Its actions are very similar to those of the QE Pendant, but it has been manufactured to access and amplify 60 % of the health supporting energies in the nanotesla range.  The Q2 Pendant is non-polar and can either be carried in a pocket or worn as a necklace.

The technology I am personally using at the present time is the EP2 Pendant.  This device is non-polar, and in addition to shielding the body from chaotic energies and encouraging alignment of cells in the body the EP2 selectively identifies and amplifies life-supporting frequencies.  This technology is a practical application of zero point energy and quantum energy theory.

Simply stated, an access “door” or “gateway” is placed in the stone that allows the sorting of energies with a positive counter-clockwise electron spin from those with a body-energy depleting clockwise electron spin.  The sorted energies are then amplified through “light” angles, creating an intense field of these organized life-supporting energies. Any chaos that then enters this field is immediately organized. The stone itself has absolutely nothing to do with the effect. It simply holds the technology that has been mechanically placed, from a quantum perspective, into the silicone-like structure of the stone.
The EP2 Pendant provides benefits that are nearly as comprehensive as those of the Q2 Pendant for approximately 1/3 the price.  It is therefore the appliance I currently recommend for most individuals.

These are the major devices available for personal protection from RF/MW radiation that I am aware of at this time.  I have no doubt that additional devices will be introduced in the future.  Other devices are available that are not worn on the body, but are attached to a phone or computer, placed in a room or used in a home to provide localized protection.  You may or may not agree with my assessment of the available devices, but I want to be sure that the key point is clearly understood:  Non-ionizing radiation is a real and present danger, and the level of individual exposure to RF/MW radiation is increasing rapidly.  Shielding devices are available, and while they may prove to be imperfect, they provide the best protection available at this time.  Select one and use it consistently.  Do what you can to avoid becoming one of the casualties of the world’s largest experiment.