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Pregnancy is a condition of health; it is not a disease. Nearly all complications of pregnancy and most birth defects can be prevented by providing comprehensive supplementation before, during, and after pregnancy.

           ·Follow the rules for healthy eating found in the Basic Wellness Protocol

          · Remain physically active

          · Supplementation:

                    o Option 1 for people who prefer capsules (available from Vitality Corporation 800-423-8365)
                              § New Generation 3 capsules twice daily
                              § OPC 2000 1 capsule twice daily
                              § Liquid Calcium/Magnesium 1 TBSP daily
                              § Marine Lipids 1 capsule twice daily

                    o Option 2 for people who prefer liquid nutrients (available from Youngevity                    –
                              § Healthy Body Start Pack (see Video)

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