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Ask the Doc: Will Microwaves Effect My Supplements?

Ask the Doc: Will Microwaves Effect My Supplements?

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I store my vitamins and other supplements on top of or beside our microwave. Would the microwave cause any ill effects to these products? Are there any radiation waves that can leak out of a microwave into the surrounding area? –D. P.

Dear D. P.: There are two issues. The first is “Can microwaves damage nutritional supplements?” and the second “Can microwaves leak out of microwave ovens?”

The answer to the first question is an unequivocal yes. The electrons of living substances spin in a counterclockwise direction. This includes the electrons in the human body. Unprocessed foods and food-grade supplements carry this counterclockwise electron spin and are readily utilized by the body. Most refined or processed foods and nearly all synthetic vitamins carry a clockwise electron spin that the body must reverse before it can use or excrete the substance. Reversing the direction of electron spin requires energy, so consuming foods or vitamins with a clockwise electron spin will be less efficient that consuming substances with the appropriate electron spin.

Microwares are the most effective means known for creating clockwise electron spin. Therefore foods, liquids, or supplements exposed to microwaves will be energy draining rather than energy providing, and I do not recommend consuming them, at least on a regular basis.

The question about microwave leakage is more difficult to answer. Microwave ovens coming out of the factory are tested to assure that leakage is not occurring. This does not mean, however, that leakage will not occur over the lifetime of the appliance. A minor misalignment of the door, which may develop over time, will allow leakage of microwaves into the surrounding area. Therefore I would recommend that your supplements be stored in a different location.

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