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Ask the Doc: Do Magnets Have Health Benefits?

Ask the Doc: Do Magnets Have Health Benefits?

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A friend recently told me that he is using magnets to treat his arthritis. Do magnets have health benefits? D.A.

Dear D.A.

Magnets, properly designed and applied do have effects on the human body. Some basic principles must be understood and adhered to, however.

Magnets have two poles: a north or negative pole and a south or positive pole. Each pole induces unique responses in the body. For this reason only unipolar magnets in which one entire side is north and the entire opposite side south should be used.

The north pole
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Controls inflammation
  • Reduces congestion
  • Inhibits pain
  • Attracts oxygen
  • Alkalinizes the area to which it is applied
The south pole
  • Stimulates bacterial growth
  • Acidifies the tissues
  • Attracts hydrogen
  • Dilates blood vessels.

 Since its effects are generally beneficial, the north pole should be the one most commonly applied. The south pole should be applied to the body only under the advice and supervision of an health care professional who has been trained in biomagnetics.

I use and recommend only magnetic devices that are unipolar in nature and expose the body solely to the north (negative) field. This can produce excellent results in a wide variety of conditions. Unfortunately, many purveyors of magnetic devices do not appreciate the differences in polar effects. These companies manufacture and sell appliances which expose the body to both poles simultaneously. NEVER, EVER subject the body to such devices. While some immediate benefit may be noted, the risks associated with the application of the south pole over time are unnecessary and therefore unacceptable. -Dr. Peterson

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