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Ask the Doc: Human Growth Hormone

Ask the Doc: Human Growth Hormone

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There are many programs on television these days talking about the benefits

of HGH and how it cures almost everything. Is this safe to try? If so, how much should I take. I would like to try it. D. C.

Dear D. C., There is a lot of confusion about HGH (human growth hormone). Actual HGH is given by injection and the cost when I last checked was around $1000/month.

Two alternatives are promoted. One is homeopathic HGH. Homeopathy is a system of using vibratory energy to stimulate a body response. Homeopathic HGH is administered under the tongue as a tablet or liquid, and in theory stimulates HGH production by the body.

The other is using combinations of amino acids, usually based on L-arginine, administered at bedtime or before intense physical activity. Well-structured formulations do have a demonstrable effect on increasing HGH release.

Dosage depends upon the manufacturer and method of administration. Homeopathic and amino acid formulations are quite safe. Discuss potential adverse affects of actual HGH with the practitioner prescribing it, as actual experience varies. –Dr. Peterson

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