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Ask the Doc: Should I Get a Flu Shot?

Ask the Doc: Should I Get a Flu Shot?

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Do you think I should get a flu shot? G. N.

Dear G.N.: I no longer take or recommend flu shots.  The reasons are twofold:

The influenza virus is a moving target.  Vaccine manufacturers must guess the strains that are most likely to appear in any given year.  Unfortunately, they guess wrong more often than they guess right. Therefore, there is no guarantee that getting a flu shot will provide protection from the influenza of the season.

Much more effective measures are available. Sambucol is a concentrate obtained from elderberry that coats viruses and blocks their ability to enter human cells and reproduce. Controlled studies have repeatedly demonstrated its ability to stop influenza in its tracks. The amount needed is 1 TBSP 4 times daily for 2 days if you feel the flu coming on. In addition take Vitamin A 25,000 50,000 units twice daily and Vitamin C 500 to 1000 mg. every four hours until symptoms ease, then Vitamin A 25,000 units twice daily and Vitamin C 1000 mg. twice daily for an additional two weeks.

It is important to purchase these products in advance. It is amazing how often illness strikes at night or on weekends when it is not possible to easily obtain the products needed to fight back.  -Dr. Peterson

For more details see Influenza.
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