Endorsements for Building Health by Design

Dr. Dale communicates practical experience and un-compromised scholarship to every family and physician. His strong sense of personal values provides a foundation that conforms his life's work to Natural design regarding optimal body support and function. He writes with humility and brilliance.

-      Fred Van Liew, "The Water Doctor" Health Coach & AntiAging Specialist

"Like it or not we now live in an era of personal responsibility.  Building Health by Design is a must read for everyone who cares about advancing wellness and vitality for themselves and for those they love."

- Buddy Ward, Next Step Today

This timely volume should be required reading in every college curriculum, and hold a place of preferred reference in every Christian home . . . this book can save your life! 

-      Carl E. Baugh, Ph.D., Founder and Director, Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas

"In Building Health by Design Dr. Dale Peterson presents a comprehensive strategy for achieving optimum health.  Blending personal experience gained from nearly 40 years as a medical doctor with studies from the medical literature he makes a compelling argument that true wellness is best achieved through supporting the body’s incredible healing mechanisms and renewing the mind."

Brian Klemmer, Klemmer and Associates

In these days, “health care” has become a national obsession . . . indeed, a growing national bureaucracy. It whirls in a vortex of politics, money and the competitive selling of remedies for disease and even minor discomfort. Instead of the human touch, illness, disease and health have come to be defined by impersonal committees, studies and statistics.

Dr. Dale Peterson’s life work provides a stark contrast to this alarming situation. In our many years of association, numerous discussions on the relationship between Bible-based spirituality and health stand out as pleasant and insightful interludes. I have come to deeply respect and admire his honesty, knowledge and moral courage.

In his early years, Dale’s medical education prepared him for what turned out to be a long,  successful and influential practice as a family physician. But at a crucial point in his life, he was forced to the conclusion that healing is much more than emergency repair and the relief of distress. He became more and more convinced that the human body, as a creation of God, was designed from the beginning with its own built-in healing systems. As a spiritual man on a quest into alternative disciplines, he discovered a new career as a “wellness physician.” He learned how to stimulate the body’s own healing power.

His book traces the history of these revelations. It is as much a recounting of his personal adventure, as it is a physician’s revealing look inside the human body. Follow his journey, and you will see for yourself that there is much more to “health care” than is commonly recognized.
     -Gary Stearman – Prophecy in the News